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Mexican Limeade

I do love my lemonade but this Mexican Limeade has won my taste buds. It’s spectacularly easy to do, uses very little sugar and produces a beautiful lime colored cooler you can use anytime. Racking those fall leaves? Have an afternoon sweat planting bulbs? Here’s your solution. To make this limeade, you just put water,…

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First ‘Ade: Another Step Towards Refrigerator Management and Spousal Approval

  Suzen came right up to me, gave me a kiss, and said, “Sweetie, we need to talk. Sit down.” “I didn’t do it,” I said. The best starting step is simply to deny everything. Open one little crack and you are dead. Ask any defense attorney. “No, it’s not that,” she reassured me. “You…

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Homemade Limeade from James Peterson

Here’s another beverage idea, targeted especially to anyone hosting a Super Bowl party. This is a non-alcoholic treat that few of us ever make: limeade. When I saw this recipe in James Peterson’s new Kitchen Simple I wanted to try it immediately. Peterson is the unsurpassed author of award winning cookbooks dealing with soups, sauces,…

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