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Monogamy and Vinaigrettes

  Do I support monogamy? You betcha. Cause Suzen has informed me of the long, painful death I would experience. Not that I need to be threatened. I mean, do I look like Newt Gingrich? On the other hand, a man is entitled to a little variety in life. When I met Suzen, I was…

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Chile Lime Cucumbers

My mouth is now on fire. I think only eating some sugar is going to offer hope. Yes, it’s true. If your mouth is burning from spices, a little taste of sugar will mellow it all out. Seriously. Just a teaspoon. Remember this piece of advice, because you are going to need it. “Cool as…

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Honey and Chipotle Glazed Sweet Potato Spears with Lime

Did you ever wonder what happens most in your lifetime? With you? This question just popped into my head and I think I have the answer. How about three billion things? That’s how many times your heart will beat in eighty years at 70 beats a minutes. Three billion. Nothing can compare to that. The…

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