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Pork Sausages with Prunes, Guinness, and Lentils from Lidgate’s

  How do you feel about manipulation? I know, it’s not a word with positive connotation. Who wants to be manipulated? Well, I do like a good massage, but manipulation — via advertising say — is not a good thing. Still, we all do it. I do it. I want something from my wife, I…

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Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks with Lentils from Fireside Feasts

Even May can have nights to make you believe winter will never end. In the Catskills, you can still have a chilly or even freezing night. Suzen and I never plant our herb garden until after Memorial Day. We have planted sooner and we have learned our lesson.  On nights like this, you can long…

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Kosheri [Rice and Lentils] from Ottolenghi

  “Oh, lentils,” Suzen said. For her “lentils” is shorthand for “I’m making this no matter what you think.” “It has rice,” she added. She’d seen the look on my face. Okay, compromise. I find straight lentils a bit tough to swallow. It’s just an overwhelming taste — and pasty feel — in my mouth.…

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