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Blueberry Ketchup

I recently blogged a review of Put ‘em Up! Fruit by Sherri Brooks Vinton. It’s an excellent guide to preserving fruits at home and using those treats in your daily cooking. Fruit goes far beyond jams and jellies with ideas to use your fruit wonders right away! Here’s a perfect example: Blueberry Ketchup. Sherri describes…

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Suzen’s Triple Meat Meatloaf

“Curly Parsley? What the hell did you buy curly? I only eat flat leaf!” I was in the other room but her voice can carry. I looked down at the shopping list. It said “parsley [flat] and celery.” I went into the kitchen to face the music. She was standing there, parsley in one hand…

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Smoked Chipotle Baked Beans

Slow food versus fast food. Slow food versus very slow food. Long cooking times can enable flavors and textures that simply are not possible with a microwave, a deep fryer or a simple broiler. Here’s a perfect example. You start with cooked white beans, adorn them with a parade of additional flavors and let the…

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