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Duck Confit Agnolotti with Kale and Pine Nuts from Graham Elliot

Graham Elliot is man pursuing many avenues: TV cooking shows, his restaurants. And now he’s an author with the book Cooking Like a Master Chef. My Huffington Post review is here. Here’s a dish taken from his restaurant, with its two stars, and translated for your pleasure in your kitchen. Are you a duck fan?…

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Kale and Quinoa Salad with Peaches and Pine Nuts

Kale is in. Quinoa stays in. Everyone loves peaches. And no one can turn down a pine nut — unless of course you are stuck with an allergy. In which case, just omit! Kale, by the way, was also in about 800 years ago. Popular food in the dark ages, then the Middle Ages came…

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Kale Slaw with Russian Dressing from Maximum Flavors

“I would touch the wall as I walked up the stairs,” Suzen began, “and if it was warm, I knew she had made latkes. She made great latkes.” Suzen recounts visiting her grandmother in a 3rd floor walkup in Brooklyn. Her grandmother was one of many Jews who came from Bialystok, a town in Poland…

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