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Hog-Tied Chili with Jalapeno Cheese Dumplings

I had to be careful. If I blew it, Suzen was not going to make this dish for me. I could not seem selfish or self-serving. That requires enormous concentration and energy. You could argue that if I just focused on being … What fun is that? “You, uh, you do like jalapenos?” I asked…

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Mango and Mustard Salsa

M&M can only mean one thing: those darling little candies. One taste of this salsa though and M&M will now spark in your brain as: that hot sweet salsa that went so well with my chicken, or my steak, or just straight with those chips. This salsa is a side dish to a Mojito Chicken…

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Really Simple Guacamole

What makes a great guacamole? Brian and I don’t have a single favorite, but we do like a spicy version that uses hot pickles and the pickle juice instead of jalapenos. The pickles are southwestern and as incendiary as any jalapeno, just sweeter. In time for Super Bowl parties, Brian and I are happy to…

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