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Brian’s Smoke Salmon Hash

Hash is a wonderful food. I know, the name “hash” is harsh, not pretty sounding, but it can be amazingly satisfying. Here’s a simple hash, ideal for a quick breakfast but elegant enough for dinner. Suzi and I grew up three thousand miles apart. Me in Oregon, she in Brooklyn. The idea of “smoked salmon”…

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Brian’s Steak Hash

I love hash. And not just for breakfast. You can make a meaty, savory hash that is a noble dinner. Like this one: steak, potatoes, carrots, onion, and celery. Plus spices galore to your personal choosing. And, hash is fun. It will never taste the same way twice and you can empty out your fridge…

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Salmon and Tri-Color Potato Hash

There is no way to deny it: “hash” is a four-letter word. Using the word often denotes something either derogatory or low quality. Did you make a hash of that last speech? In computer science, a hash table is a good thing, a way of finding data. But a hash function is a cryptography technique…

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