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Habanero and Honey Syrup: A Beverage Booster

  Habaneros are hot. That we all know. In 2000, with its Scoville scale of 100,00-350,000, the habanero was considered the world’s hottest chili. Thanks to genetic engineering, and perhaps man’s endless quest for pain, the habanero has been displaced from the top of that list. But never from our hearts. This particular pepper originated…

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Strawberry-Habanero Marinade for Spareribs [the ones that come from pigs and not cows]

“Oh, careful,” I said. “Your hair is going into the sauce. What’s wrong?’ We were at a local barbeque spot and for some reason Suzen was dipping her head right into her food. “What’s wrong?” I repeated. “You can be so embarrassing,” Suzen expressed herself. “What did I do?” “When the waiter brought your spareribs,”…

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Blue Ribbon Hot Sauce: Homemade IS Hotter

The Bromberg brothers have journey far from their native New Jersey. First to Paris and Le Cordon Bleu. Then back to New York City where they opened a restaurant, then another, a bakery and more and … They now have nine locations and food products sold around the country. This recipe for their own hot…

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