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Maytag Blue Grapes

Sometimes you want just a sweet bite of this, a little taste of that. Bites so small it’s hard to call them tapas even. Consider Gale Gand’s Just a Bite. Published in 2001, we often pull it from our bookshelf. The 125 recipes here are, technically, all desserts. And there are chapters on cookie bites,…

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Buffalo Grapes from Cornell University

  A couple of months ago, Suzen and I took a weekend and paid our first visit to the Finger Lakes. It’s an area everyone hears about but I just had no idea what to expect. It’s a lovely, expansive land that, it turns out, is not north of us in the Catskills, just due…

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Concord Grape Syrup

  Concord grapes. They come only in the fall and they cannot be forgotten. They are the definitive sweet grape flavor. They also have skins you could make a tire from. Or, a great, great syrup. Look, it is fall. The kids are returning to school and each weekday morning is a madhouse. Parents scrambling…

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