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Gin Tropical as an Antidote to PAD

Suzen is crocheting and she’s pulling on the yarn so fast it’s making a purring sound. There is a serious look on her face. “What’s wrong?” I ask. “Nothing,” she says, not looking up. Well, something is wrong and I have to help. Suzen was recently diagnosed with PAD. While it should not prove fatal,…

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The Ramble, A Cocktail with Raspberries and Gin

When I make cocktails, my patience varies with the season. On a winter’s night with nowhere to go, I don’t mind taking my time creating a demanding beverage that requires multiple steps with finely tune ingredients. On a hot summer night, when I don’t want to mess with anything, but I want something cool, now,…

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Brian’s Blue Grapefruit Martini

Sometimes I am a bartender, finding an interesting recipe and following its directions to a tee. And other times I become a mixologist, treating my home bar like a chemistry lab. My mixology moments come when I simply want something different, or when what I just made is not satisfying, or when both these events…

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