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Roast Peppers in a Basic-Garlic Vinaigrette

It might surprise you, but but my husband does not alway succeed in the kitchen. And when he fails, I just love to help. “Did you rush again? Were you impatient? Did you measure that liquid in a dry measure cup?” I’ll query him to find out the truth and after twenty-five years together he’s…

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Garlic Confit

The recipe for roast lamb in How to Roast a Lamb is perfectly delicious — as I described in an earlier blog. Given the book title, you would think the author, Michael Psilakis, would consider the lamb the most important recipe in his striking book. But it is one of the ingredients for that lamb…

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Garlic Shallot Cilantro Butter

Flavored butters are an interesting method for adding pointed flavor to dishes. Used during the cooking process, a flavored butter will sharpen the taste of meats, poultry and vegetables. This flavor combination, garlic and shallot and onion, is recommended by Bobby Flay in his very descriptive new book Bobby Flay’s Burgers, Fries & Shakes. I…

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