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The Food Stylist’s Handbook: Careers and Ideas

“That looks great.” “I could do that.” “I’d love to do that for a job.” Those are thoughts that rush through thousands of minds each day as we browse the pictures in cookbooks and on line. Food photography is everywhere now, and there’s a race to the top to produce pictures that are transcendentally beautiful.…

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A Small Plate [Food Styling for Foodies]

  Presentation of your food is very important. For your guests, the actual taste of the food will be their last sensory experience of your dish. They will smell your cooking first, then see it, and then finally taste it. Smell can affect your guests the moment they step through the front door. But after…

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Food Styling by Delores Custer

I am not a betting man, but I have an almost sure bet for you. Which artist have you seen the most works by? I know, and soon you’ll know why. We all have our favorite artists. Monet, Rembrandt, Rothko, … We may have seen their works live in a museum, we have coffee table…

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