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Focaccia from English Muffins

  "Now what do I do?" Suzen asked. It was rhetorical. She was standing with a large lump of baguette dough in her hand. Leftover dough. On yesterday's post, I noted that wonderful English muffins are made with baguette dough. But after those muffins have been cut out, there is dough left. Precious dough that…

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Basic Focaccia [with some options] from Bread by Nick Malgieri

  Famed baker and teacher Nick Malgieri has new book, Bread, with a clever twist. Each chapter begins with a basic recipe followed by several variations or options. So the chapter on pan-baked breads begins with a basic dough, then offers alternatives such as cinnamon raising swirl bread, cheddar bread, whole wheat sandwich bread, seed…

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Lidia’s Filled Focaccia

Have you ever looked at something and just wanted it? When I was a junior in high school, in fourth period English class, there was a red-headed guy who … Oops, wrong path here. I was watching Lidia Bastianich on Public Television with my husband Brian. He had been in the midst of making guacamole,…

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