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A Different Kind of Fall Recipe

Recipes come in all shapes and sizes. The better intent of a recipe is to provide satisfaction, not just sustenance. For Suzen, her favorite recipes are bread. You’ve seen pictures at times of the extraordinary breads she can makes. Constantly makes, I must say. Even when she is drop dead tired from doing corporate team…

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A Haiku for Autumn

That picture? It’s a photo haiku. A short reminder of where we are. Summer is rapidly slipping into fall. I found these red leaves on the ground one morning. I looked up to see what tree they had come from. No tree had red at all. These portents of autumn had turned red and fallen…

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Cookbook Recommendation: Eat Feed Autumn Winter by Anne Bramley

When is summer over? About 90% of the leaves have fallen from our trees. It’s time to stop kidding ourselves and face facts: it is not going to be 80° outside for a long, long time. Given the price of heating oil, it is never going to be 80° inside! So we’ve conceded to the…

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