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Classic Frittata with Maine Ingredients

On our trip to Bread Camp in Maine, Suzen and I stopped at her cousins’ organic dairy farm in China, Maine. That is Spencer and Page, Suzi’s cousins, there in the group shot. And that is Suzi petting the calf. Her cousins have 130 head of Jersey cows, with 65 milking at any one time.…

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The Best Eggnog: Period

This post is from last year, but I wanted to give new readers a chance for the experience of a lifetime. This eggnog is exceptionally rich and satisfying. Try this once, and you’ll never turn back to conventional recipes or that store-bought stuff again. Nothing can match the fresh decadence of this eggnog. And now,…

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Poached Eggs on Onion Tartlets

A superior chef and cookbook author is rare. When you find one, your loyalty quickly builds and your interest in all their work intensifies. Last fall, I blogged Pastry by Michel Roux [] because this master chef had created a marvelous pastry book, organized by pasty types and filled with rapturous recipes.  Going back in…

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