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Best Eggnog, Ever, Period

— This post is from the last three years, but I wanted to give new readers a chance for the experience of a lifetime. This perfect eggnog is exceptionally rich and satisfying. Try this once, and you'll never turn back to conventional recipes or that store-bought stuff again. Nothing can match the fresh decadence of…

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The Best Eggnog, Period

This eggnog gem is a favorite post on this blog. To make the holidays easy for you, I’m putting right at the top again.  It is, without doubt, the best eggnog you’ve ever had. The holiday season is upon us and eggnog is a treat for memorable meals and parties. Suzi and I have party…

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Brian and Grandma’s Swinging Eggnog

I just want to say that you will thank me for the recipe below. You are very welcome. I love Christmas. It is meant to be a fun and treasured time of life. I’m not particularly religious, but I can be ecumenically spiritual as the dark nights are filled snow. When I, a lapsed Catholic,…

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