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Brian’s Chicken and Dumplings [Big, Fluffy, Wonderful Dumplings]

Comfort food. We all respond when we hear this term, and we all have that short list of favorites that we can instantly taste in our brains, in not in our mouths. If you survey people, you’d be surprised how many of us overlap in those foods that always entertain and please us. For days,…

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Hog-Tied Chili with Jalapeno Cheese Dumplings

I had to be careful. If I blew it, Suzen was not going to make this dish for me. I could not seem selfish or self-serving. That requires enormous concentration and energy. You could argue that if I just focused on being … What fun is that? “You, uh, you do like jalapenos?” I asked…

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Chicken with Rosemary Dumplings

I have the flu. Not pleasant. But being an optimist, I always seek to make the best out of a bad situation. “How are you?” Suzen asked. “Awful,” I said. Then I coughed. She grimaced. She can’t take me being sick. I coughed again. Softening her up. “Do you want anything?” she said. “Well,” I…

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