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Multitasking with Veggies: Brian’s Dip, Dressing, and Condiment

You may be familiar with Alton Brown and his entertaining show Good Eats on the Food Network. Alton is zany, brilliant, and, at times, opinionated. His number one kitchen faux pas? Having something in your kitchen that can only do one thing. He wants you to only have tools and gadgets that multitask. Suzen and…

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Monogamy and Vinaigrettes

  Do I support monogamy? You betcha. Cause Suzen has informed me of the long, painful death I would experience. Not that I need to be threatened. I mean, do I look like Newt Gingrich? On the other hand, a man is entitled to a little variety in life. When I met Suzen, I was…

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Lutece Vinaigrette

One of the treasures of summer and fall in the Hudson Valley is the array of farmers markets that dot the landscape. On Sundays, Brian and I go to Rhinebeck for their very upscale market. It is smallish, perhaps 25 vendors, but they offer incredible quality. Last Sunday one vendor had bags of wonderful mixed…

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