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Alafajores Con Bano Blanco: Sable Sandwiches Filled with Dulce De Leche and Covered in Meringue

    This not just a cookie. It is an experience. I’m posting this on the Saturday before Super Bowl. If you are partying and if you want to impress folks — and certainly give your own mouth a bushel of flavors — then you need to consider this marvelous cookie. It’s from Meringue, a…

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Super Bowl Idea: Grandma Rose’s Chocolate Layer Cookies

No Super Bowl party can conclude with a victory dessert. Long ago in Portland, Oregon, Rose Nataflin had a bakery that drew crowds out the door. Her two cookbooks, now sadly out of print, are treasures. This layered chocolate cookie from Rose is a reminder of how grand a cookie can be. A chocolate brownie…

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