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Graham Cracker Crust from Ken Haedrich

  There they are. Twenty of them. Lined up on the shelf. I wonder how long they have been there? When were they actually made? Could they really survive a nuclear attack? I am talking, of course, about graham cracker crusts. They are thin, placed in those tinny shells and they do not contribute mightily…

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Upper Crust: Great Graham Cracker Crust

Graham cracker crust is a staple for many pies, particularly the summer pies that will soon be enticing us. Getting a “crust” ready-made from the store is one option, and a bad one. Those ready-made creatures are often too thin, dry, and stale. They are a poor match for that wonderful pie you are about…

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Shortcrust Pastry from Pie

Yesterday’s post called for a Rich Shortcrust Pasty. Here it is from Pie by Angela Boggiano. The “richness” here is achieved by using only butter for the fat and even 1 tablespoon more than in the “standard” shortcrust pasty in Pie. Angela says that this crust is fine for both sweet and savory dishes. For…

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