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Cream Cheese Pastry for Empanadas and More

I am a fan of empanadas. I remember my first one and I remember making them decades ago. I had, then, a lovely little paperback with a pastry recipe that was part cream cheese and part butter. I moved, lots of times, and the book was lost and I just stopped making empanadas. I wanted…

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Creamy Crab Dip from Peggy Fallon

Crab. I love crab. Crab in salads. Crab cakes. Crab all by itself. Well, with cocktail sauce. [But NOT with tartar sauce] Since we all enjoy crab, and since crab can be a tad pricey, here’s a lovely way to enjoy crab flavor with many people at once. This Creamy Crab Dip appeals to all…

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Double Chocolate Loaf with Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Spread

New York City, as portrayed in the aerial shots on television, is dense with buildings. The green is isolated to Central Park. A rural area in New York City? Impossible. Well, there are some remote places. If you get in a boat at the Statue of Liberty and head due east, you come to the…

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