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Nick’s Cranberry Sauce

I was looking over the recipes I’ve blogged this week for Thanksgiving: turkey, gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, beverages, a pumpkin cake … Oh, dear. Once again I have forgotten the cranberry sauce. Before Suzen yells at me, because she loves cranberry sauce the way I love those potatoes with gravy, let me pass along her…

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Cranberry Daiquiri with Homemade Lime Sour Mix

Here’s the perfect cocktail for Thanksgiving. Red, cold, bright. The recipe calls for Cranberry Cordial, and I’ve just blogged that recipe. You’ll also need some Lime Sour Mix, and the recipe follows below. I make this drink each Thanksgiving, using our homemade cranberry cordial. It’s a tradition you too will enjoy. This drink comes from…

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Cranberry Cordial

I promised to post a blog a holiday drink on Wednesday. I’m doing it now because of a bit of a deadline: this liquor is supposed to take two days to mature in the refrigerator, but I think if you work on it first thing on Wednesday, you can use it by dinner time on…

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