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Orange Honey Syrup for Cornbread

A few days ago, I posted a recipe for chipotle cornbread to use in stuffing. Cornbread recipes came, literally, in all flavors. And all cultures have adopted cornbreads. In Greece, they make cornbreads called bobota. The Greeks thankfully  bear us gifts. Cornbread can be dry. You’ve surely had some that seem to be as delicate…

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Chipotle Cornbread for Stuffing [and eating, too!]

Yesterday I blogged about a cornbread stuffing that asked for “1 recipe” of your cornbread of choice. Here’s ours: Chipotle Cornbread. Depending on how hot you want this bread, you can add more or less chipotle. Because this cornbread is destined to be stuffing, with mushrooms and raisins, we’ve cut back on the chipotle for…

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Spoonbread with Simple Chorizo

  Spoonbread? You may have heard of it, but unless you have had the delight of tasting it, spoonbread has to be mystery. Soft, gooey, … what could it be? On my first bite, I said, “This is a cornmeal soufflé.” And that’s exactly right. A spoonbread is a savory pudding, which is why the…

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