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Coffee Shots from European Cookies

If you love cookies, if you love to bake, then Krisztina Maksai’s new book, European Cookies For Every Occasion, is a must have addition to your bookshelves. It’s brilliant, eye opening, and sure to transform the meaning of “cookie” for the rest of your life. I’m serious. The recipes are Eastern European and the cookies…

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Coffee-Walnut Layer Cake [Except I Used Pecans] from Retro Cakes and Cookies

    So darned good. I took one look at this cake, in Retro Cakes and Cookies by Wendy Sweetser, and I had to make it. Coffee flavor and nuts. Oh, this is an English recipe and they want walnuts. Suzen is not anti-English – she’d live in London – but she’s not a walnut…

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Moretto: A Mocha Beverage from Michael Turback

  Quick now. What is mocha? Or moka? Or mokka? Or Mocca? Or Mocha? In a land of coffee shops, no, in a land of Starbucks, we all know that a mocha is coffee plus chocolate. It was not always so. The word mocha comes to us from the port city of Mocha on the…

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