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Chocolate Syrup

It’s there. Somewhere. On a back shelf. Up high. In that brown can or plastic bottle. By now it might resemble something concocted by Stephen King, except this is real, not fiction. I am speaking, of course, about that container of chocolate syrup in your fridge. If you have children, then there is the possibility…

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No-Bake Cocoa Oatmeal Cookies

This cookie recipe has three special features. No baking. No flour. No eggs. For someone with food allergy issues, this may be just your treat. If you are “baking” with kids and want something fun and safe, there is no more delicious cookie than this one. Parents will have to boil the sugar and dairy…

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Aunt Sally’s Mississippi Mud

This blog offers you to register an opinion. At the end of this paragraph — no, don’t cheat and look there yet — I am placing a two word culinary phrase. When you get to the end of this paragraph, please read the phrase and record what your first reaction was. Are you ready? Okay,…

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