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Shrimp Tomatillo Cocktail

At Cooking by the Book in New York City, we do culinary outward bound events. Firms come to our kitchen and prepare a meal together, often with kitchen challenges. Their night’s menu has been set in advance, from a quarterly menu featuring fresh seasonal ideas. We are always amazed when so many firms pick the…

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Brian’s Blue Grapefruit Martini

Sometimes I am a bartender, finding an interesting recipe and following its directions to a tee. And other times I become a mixologist, treating my home bar like a chemistry lab. My mixology moments come when I simply want something different, or when what I just made is not satisfying, or when both these events…

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Bacon, Blue Cheese and Pecan Cocktail Cookies

Most, well actually all, of my family members disagree with my earnest belief that it is sometimes appropriate to begin a meal with cookies. I know that I am right, and this recipe proves it. Okay, it’s a savory cookie with bacon, but it is a cookie for sure. Soft, filled with the complementary flavors…

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