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Garlic Shallot Cilantro Butter

Flavored butters are an interesting method for adding pointed flavor to dishes. Used during the cooking process, a flavored butter will sharpen the taste of meats, poultry and vegetables. This flavor combination, garlic and shallot and onion, is recommended by Bobby Flay in his very descriptive new book Bobby Flay’s Burgers, Fries & Shakes. I…

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Tomatillo Temptations Part 2

Recently I blogged about tomatillo salsa, that vibrant, green salsa that you may have sampled with chips or had adorned on top of a main course. Tomatillo salsa offers that great versatility. You can find my earlier blog at: Tomatillo salsa can be made with raw tomatillos, cooked ones and canned. Last week, Part…

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Two Sumptuous Crab Cake Recipes

I love crab but it is crab cakes that are the special dish for me.  My passion dates from graduate school in Baltimore, the crab cake capital of the world.  Crab cakes can be enormously satisfying and always seem to draw “Ahs” at the table, and yet few of us make them.  They taste so…

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