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Coriander Chutney from Raja Foods and St. Patrick’s Day Potatoes

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day and the issue at hand is how to have a green baked potato. The answer involves Ireland, India, and Illinois. When politicians refer to the Three I’s, they mean Ireland, Italy and Israel, but here our topic is food, not ethnic voting patterns. I was in Kalustyan’s on Lexington Avenue…

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Curried Butternut Squash Samosas with Tamarind Chutney

  Sometimes you have to fry. I know, it can create a mess and the aroma lingers and no one wants to clean up that mess. Still, there are dishes where there is no option but boiling oil. If the payoff, the taste, is good enough, then all that effort will be forgotten. These samosas…

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Suzen’s Thanksgiving Chutney: Carrots, Raisins, Bell Pepper and Cranberries

“How does this taste?” I asked Suzen. “Like a dentist,” she replied. That was bad. Very bad. Not because dentists are inherently bad. But because her first husband was a dentist. Ugly divorce. Still, she had a point, the spice mix did kinda resemble that goop a dentist can apply before sticking a needle in…

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