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Chocolate Chip Cookie from Rose Levy Berenbaum

  “Can I turn on Fox News?” I asked my wife. We were in the kitchen, having dinner. It was just turning 6PM and I wanted my news fix. “No.” She said with some force. “It’s fair and balanced,” I said. There was no response. Only a snort. To be very clear, I do want…

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Chocolate Chip Cookies from Dorie Greenspan via Paris

Some foods are just American. Apple pie, chocolate chip cookies, … Ah, well, about that pie. There is tart tartine from France which is certainly a forerunner of our treat — and to be truthful a good tartine can give a good apple pie a very strong run for the money. Or the Euro. But…

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Still and Forever: The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie

How many times have you made chocolate chip cookies?  Honestly?  Yes, you have to start counting from childhood, when you tugged on Mom’s apron and got one big serious lick of cookie dough.  That’s when our common addiction started.  Long after Mom is gone, that craving for dough, for the smell of baking cookies and,…

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