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Jalapeno Butter from Fresh Mexico

  Summer corn and butter. That is a classic combination enjoyed around the world. But in corn-country, the United States, more corn is consumed by people than anywhere else on the planet. And while that simple combo of corn and butter is the favorite, new ideas appear all the time. A few years ago, Suzen…

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Honey Chipolte Glazed Chicken

Chicken. Chicken tastes like chicken. And that consistency is occasionally going to create culinary boredom. “Chicken, again!” someone at the table will moan. This recipe is not just an antidote for boredom. This dish is for anyone who loves sweetness and heat. When I first bit into a piece, my eyes watered. Not from the…

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Shrimp with Avocado Cream and Chipotle

I was a good father. I don’t care what anybody says. Of course, there were issues. I used to work late on my doctoral dissertation, really late. So I was not up to making breakfast for my son and daughter at 7AM. “Do it yourself,” I would say. And they did. Until the day I…

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