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Chicken Liver Tacos

“I’m not sure about this,” I said. “About what?” Suzen asked “Well, Passover is coming and I found this chicken live recipe and …” “Oh, good. Let me see.” I showed it to her. She put it down and looked at me. Her face was a torrent: perplexed, puzzled and still curious. “Okay,” Suzen said…

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Baker’s Foie from Tartine Bread

Pâté is a four letter word. Foie gras are two four letter words. Either way, they conjure up a vision of something unhealthy, that takes too long to make, that is a hotsy-totsy food. There are many reasons for not touching the stuff. On the other hand, in that gourmet section of your grocery store,…

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Jewish Holiday Cooking by Jayne Cohen

Coming from a mixed marriage where we celebrate every fun food holiday, I have been in a quandary for what to serve for Passover. I’ve already planned to cook a fresh ham for Easter, but this was working backwards: Easter follows Passover and I want to have a wonderful and traditional Passover meal for both…

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