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Brian’s Sour Cherry Mojito

The farmers market in Tribeca on Saturday is just a tad different. It’s the only market here in the Northeast that I have seen with a vendor selling orchids. And there’s this very distinguished looking Amish gentleman offering habenero dill pickles. Talk about emerging or merging cultures. The culinary crossovers here can be striking. One…

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Duck Legs Braised in Port and Dried Cherries

I had the privilege, and the challenge, to test recipes for the last two editions of The Joy of Cooking. The last time, we were the only test kitchen and my team was busy for many months. That last Joy edition was for the 75th anniversary. Needless to say, cooking now is rather different. Many…

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New Year’s Menu Idea: Wild Rice Pilaf with Cherries and Pecans

I grew up as a nice Jewish girl in Brooklyn. I learned to cook, to be ready to be a good Jewish wife. My training did not include Christmas turkey. Brian and I easily reached our holiday menu compromise. We both love that Thanksgiving turkey. For Christmas, we strive for something new. This year it…

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