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Easter Sunday Brunch Cocktails: Beyond the Mimosa

Easter Sunday is the ultimate brunch Sunday. Millions of us will throng to restaurants and many millions more will be home preparing a feast. A festive beverage is a necessity. For many of us, Brunch = Mimosa. Nothing can surpass a glass of champagne splashed with fresh orange juice. Its dominance as the brunch-beverage is…

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Sparkling Apple Cider Sangria

Sangria is a word that conjures up languid summer evenings. Some tapas, a pitcher of the fruity liquid, and a comfy chair. After two or three glasses, the world is fine. Living in the Hudson Valley, we are surrounded by apples, which are often part of the fruit of our summer sangrias. But, for this…

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Cava: Your Sparkling Alternative

Cava, from Spain, is the world’s best selling sparkling wine [Yes, French wine makers will dispute that!]. Spain actually has more land devoted to grape cultivation than any other country, but its yields are lower so that Spain only ranks third in terms of volume of wine production. Most Cava producers are established in Northeast…

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