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Cookbook Review: Cast Iron Skillet [Revised Edition]

It’s there. Stashed on a back shelf. Hanging on a hook at the far end of the kitchen. Perhaps hidden in a basement. Alone. Abandoned. Probably a little tired, a little dusty, maybe with a touch of red rust somewhere. I am not going to say “shame on you.” I wish to merely point out…

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Bulgarian Cast Iron Chicken with Bacon and Sauerkraut

  “I’M TRYING TO WORK HERE!”  Suzen was vociferous. “I was just trying to clarify a point about you, Suzi. You are really a Queenie.” “Brian, for the last time, I am a Brooklyn girl.” “No, your parents had their home in Queens.” “I was BORN in a BROOKLYN hospital.” “Yeah, well that’s a bit…

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