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Three Things to Do After the Chicken Comes Out of the Oven

    Congratulations. You’ve just cooked a chicken. You may be carving it up, prematurely because you are eager to get to the table. What’s the next thing you do? Clean that roasting pan while it is hot and before things begin to “clunk” on the bottom and sides? The Veggies No. Leave the pan.…

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Turkey Stock from the Leftover Carcass: A Thanksgiving Treasure

Your Thanksgiving meal is done. The football games are over. Guests are gone. Cleanup, sadly, is necessary. Here is what NOT to do. Don’t throw away that leftover turkey carcass. Even if most of the meat is devoured, save the carcass. You are about to make quarts and quarts of turkey stock for soup, sauces,…

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