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Caramel Apple Cake from Baked Explorations

Why are recurring dreams always so scary? Mine are terrible. Long, unpleasant and intense. There’s the one where the Head Librarian from my graduate school has summoned me back to Baltimore. She’s seven feet tall, dips down towards me, and nastily says I have to retype my dissertation. On the original Selectric typewriter. Two hundred…

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Ideal Hot Chocolate with Caramel Whipped Cream

Okay, we still cannot put down the snow shovels. The East Coast is targeted once again. Here in New York City we missed last week’s two+ feet of snow.  But starting tonight we are getting a foot or more of our own. You can see people walking down the street, heads pointed at the sky.…

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Chocolate Cake with Caramel Benefits

I am a butter man. I bake with butter. When I see a recipe that uses oil instead of butter, my first reaction is to keep flipping the pages of that cookbook. Why? Well, probably because I like to eat the batter and I love butter but the idea of eating oil … I mentioned…

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