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Roasted Pepper and Anchovy Dip

Do you cook with the usual suspects: onion, potato, tomato, beef, …? If I say “dip” for potato chips do you reach for the sour cream and a pack onion soup mix? It’s time to break free. Oh, let’s keep the sour cream, but we’re going to do something deliciously different. I’ve posted recently about…

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Potatoes, Olives and Capers with White Anchovy Vinaigrette

Yesterday I posted a recipe for White Anchovy Vinaigrette, and I promised today you’d have a wonderful way to use that flavorful dressing. Here that recipe is: potatoes, olives and capers tossed with the vinaigrette. Talk about sensory overload: here you have anchovy, capers, caperberries, olives, scallions, a host of herbs, mustard and vinegar. The…

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Weiner Schnitzel

A hundred years ago, the most popular restaurants in New York City were German. German beer halls were dotted throughout the city and German cuisine was ubiquitous. What happened? Immigration slowed, the next generations married and moved away, and there were those two wars. The net effect is, if tonight you want to go to…

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