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Chicken with Apples and Calvados

Hearty and regional. Calvados is the apple-based treasure that Normandy prides, along with its chickens. The Normandy coast is not quite the same climate as the south of France. The terroir affects everyone and everything. The people, often with several layers of clothing to stave off the cold and mists. The chickens, who tend to…

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Super Bowl Refreshments: Sparkling Pineapple Guava and Calvados Punch

  Punch. Punch can be a very useful contribution to a party, particularly one you are giving. It’s an easy way to supply beverages to your guests with modest labor. After all, when the guests are an hour away, who wants to be worrying about ice, a missing bottle of rum , or how many…

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Calvados and Rye Stuffing with Golden Delicious Apples

While many of us now cook our stuffing outside of the bird, this stuffing is really designed to be baked inside. It’s a recipe from Normandy where apples enter into every food combination imaginable. Here, dense rye bread is combined with apple slices and apple brandy, Calvados, to generate a heady mixture. You want your…

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