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Sophisticated Sangria

  I was making sangria this weekend and I had two assets: time and a great Cab. Time was important because like many of you I am often tempted to “throw sangria together” at the last moment — or perhaps the last hour. I do give it time to chill, but not really the time…

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Brian’s Watermelon Elderflower Martini, The Better Version

This has happened to you before. You are sitting at a little desk. An authority figure leans over and says, “You can do better.” Now comes the flood of emotions: anger, resentment, embarrassment, and, yes, an acknowledgement that I could have done better. I first blogged this beverage a couple of weeks ago and I…

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Brian’s Watermelon Elderflower Matrini

                                                                When I was in Austin last month, I had an awesome cocktail at a perfect restaurant. I asked for the recipe for the…

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