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Oatmeal Scotchies from Cookie Love by Mindy Segal

It’s the second week of January and I have to meet my New Year’s resolution to make one great cookie a week. And again I turn to Cookie Love by Mindy Segal. Her story for this cookie is funny. She’s a cookie genius. She can make anything. Actually, she couldn’t. She could never master that…

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Butterscotch Sauce

Last year, for the 4th, I suggested a Butterscotch Roll-up Cake. The cake was rolled in a combination of whipped cream and rich butterscotch sauce that had been folded into one diabetic dream. Butterscotch is a variant of caramel and, when well made, is outrageously satisfying. Just a tad can make all the difference to…

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Ice Cream Sandwiches, and Just Ice Cream Sandwiches

Suzen has been doing Cooking by the Book for 26 years. She pioneered culinary team building. We have had thousands of events. Over 100,000 people have been through our kitchen. And every time, it has been: Appetizer First course Second course Side course Dessert I have loyally stood by. Bit my tongue. Waited for the…

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