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Chocolate Mint Sticks

Suzen is not fond of brownies. She really does not like mint frosting. So, I am forced to self-brownie. I know this blog has several brownies recipes, and there will be more. Just as there are connoisseurs of wine, so I know brownies. I can tell you how many eggs, melted or whipped butter, what…

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Dark Rocky Roads from Maida Heatter

We all strive for a life that is rewarding, perhaps challenging, but hopefully not arduous. We want to avoid rocky roads, except for perhaps a vacation adventure. No, our pathways in life ideally are as smooth as asphalt with easy hills. Uh, there is one exception. Everyone should taste a rocky road, a cookie made…

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A Classic Cookie: Grandma Rose’s Chocolate Layer Cookie

I don’t want to get into a debate about global warming.  I’m a scientist so I respect the recent evidence that something is happening.  Thing is, whether you just look at the history of the ice ages or go back for tens of millions of years, there have been significant cycles of climate change.  Long…

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