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Grilled Lebanese Bread from Mark Bittman

It’s not out of spite but Suzen and I have some culinary rules of engagement. You probably do, too. We love food and we eat everything, but we have a definite pattern of what we cook at home and what we eat only at restaurants. Home is naturally American plus Mexican, some French and Italian.…

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Sourdough Bread from Crust with Parmesan

March has traditionally been a slow month for me at Cooking by the Book.  Exhausted by winter, people are anxious for spring, checking flower beds for just one green shoot poking through all that white stuff on top. Several years ago I had the March-nudgies and I was driving my staff crazy.  They said, “Go,”…

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Because brioche gets its character mostly from butter and eggs, it can be made directly, without a starter, and still have plenty of flavor. Most recipes for brioche start out the same—eggs are worked into the dough—but some call for as little as 20 percent butter to flour and others as much as equal amounts…

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