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Cookbook Review: Baking for All Occasions by Flo Braker

Yesterday’s post was for a lovely Red Velvet Cake Roll or Roulade from Baking for All Occasions by Flo Braker. Today, I just want to emphasize why you should consider Baking for All Occasions for your kitchen bookshelves, sagging though they may be. There are many baking books and, truthfully, many of those are interesting…

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Cookbook Review: Vodka Distilled by Tony Abou-Garmin + The Sgroppino [vokda + limoncello + prosecco + serbert!]

Vokda. The things I did not know, or suspect and was wrong. In 2010, after 30 years of mixology experience, Tony Abou-Garmin wrote the hit book The Modern Mixologist [no, I haven’t reviewed it here, but I will]. Tony has worked everywhere perfecting his craft. At Po with Mario Batali in that shoe-box sized spot…

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The Culinarian: A Kitchen Desk Reference

There is a special class of books that warms the heart of true foodies: the kitchen companion. These are reference books, not cookbooks. They are filled with facts and figures that answer the questions that can randomly arise in only the mind of  food-obsessed individuals. “Food –obsessed” is an adjective and complement. If someone uses…

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