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Edible Food Styling: Perfect Blueberries

I love blueberries. They are not sweet enough but that can be remedied. And, as a side benefit, they can be made to look oh so beautiful. And, as a side side benefit, you can make double use of the flavors. There is one issue with blueberries that can cause pause. It’s how they look.…

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Dick Taeuber’s Cordial Pie: A Banana and Blueberry Version

Looks good? Well, it tastes better. There is a story to this pie, but first a summary. This a chiffon-style pie with a liqueur-infused gelatin base folded into slightly sweetened egg whites and unsweetened whipped cream. Alright, I strongly sweetened the egg whites and I could not resist putting more sugar and booze into the…

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Fruit Crisp with Spiced Pecan Topping

I went to graduate school studying applied mathematics, in particular optimization theory. At the time, some of the biggest users of the optimization techniques were the airlines. They were struggling with how to do scheduling, sizing of aircraft, and optimizing their selection of cities. Been on a flight recently? That airline thingy did not work…

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