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Frozen Berry Bellini

Brian and I are working our way through Kim Haasarud’s wonderful 101 Champagne Cocktails. We’ve had good and great drinks so far, and then we had this one: superior in every sense. This is just an easy, delightful beverage. Champagne in a blender? Who has ever done that before? As the picture above shows, you…

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Backyard Blackberry Margarita

I can’t put down the Summer Cocktails book. The titles of the drinks intrigue me. And the recipes are fantastic. So, I’ve put stickies on another 25 drinks. Seriously. And I entered the entire list of them in Excel with a column for the key ingredient that goes in each drink. No, I am not…

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Duck Breast with Blackberries

Think of a duck breast (in French, magret de canard) as a good steak with a crisp crust of fat. Like a good steak, it is best served medium-rare. As the duck breast cooks, it renders its fat, which bastes the lean breast meat. You need a good layer of fat between the skin and…

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