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Chipotle and Cheddar Biscuits with Honey Butter from Gale Gand

Yes, ten years ago you could not spell chipotle or easily find them in many stores. Now, every dish seems to contain it. Chipotle overload? Perhaps. It is time to be selective, and this recipe is just that. Chipotle is combined with cheddar cheese and paprika. The resulting biscuits are warm, not hot, to the…

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Chive-Cheddar Biscuits: Ideas for Leftover Turkey

It’s Christmas Eve and for many people this is a time of miracles. For your table tonight or tomorrow, here’s a delicious side dish. A wondrous biscuit. You might try this instead of mashed potatoes. Oh, your family will rebel, as mine would? Then consider this quick delight for Christmas breakfast around the tree. Or,…

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