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White Bean Puree

  When I was growing up, the only beans were ever ate were from a metal can. We canned them ourselves in a local coop and for the first few months, they were okay. Not fresh, but edible. As time passed, as one year approached, opening a can was an exercise in self-destruction. Eating them…

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Smoked Chipotle Baked Beans

Slow food versus fast food. Slow food versus very slow food. Long cooking times can enable flavors and textures that simply are not possible with a microwave, a deep fryer or a simple broiler. Here’s a perfect example. You start with cooked white beans, adorn them with a parade of additional flavors and let the…

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Charro Beans with Blackened Tomatoes

Mark Miller is one of the most prominent Southwestern chef and cookbook authors. If you visit Santa Fe, then the Coyote Café is a festive spot for his delectable beverages, appetizers and full meals. The wide stairway lined with pink stucco leading you to the second floor makes you feel welcome from the first step.…

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