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Shredded Beef Sliders with Root Beer Espresso BBQ Sauce from Kelis

I admit it: I buy wine based on the label. If the label is pretty — a geometric pattern, a flower, a knight on a horse — I do pick up the bottle. I will check the country of origin and I’ll look at the grape, but that first impression is irrevocably important. And, when…

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Very Sticky and Very Smokey Pork Ribs with Bourbon Glaze

I’ve mentioned the new book Smoke & Spice by Valerie Aikman-Smith in a previous post. I enjoy the book’s presentation with its focus on sauces and seasonings rather than the meat. Everyone secretly eats BBQ for the sauce. Yes, yes you do. Don’t deny the truth here. I’m not asking for a confession or entrance…

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Chinese BBQ Ribs [Yes, You Can!]

Just Grill This by Sam Zien, The Cooking Guy, is one of those books you might take a quick glance at and then just pass on by. Sam’s picture on the cover of this paperback is intentionally nerdish and this clearly is one of those guy‑beer‑meat‑grill books that you might not have high expectations for.…

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