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Molasses Rum Barbeque Sauce

  Winter? What winter? We don’t need no freezing winter? It’s warm enough to go outside and barbeque! Time to toss aside those snow shovels that loyally sat at the ready for months. Time to dig out the barbeque tongs, the chips, the gas, and get grilling. License to Grill was published 15 years ago.…

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Smitty’s Birdland Sauce #2

Our friend Howard Werner is a world-class wood sculptor. He crafts large, breathtaking pieces that can be found in museums around the country. He’d happily prepare a piece for your home! Howard studied at R.I.T in Rochester, New York. Howard’s other passion is barbeque, and perhaps his love for ‘que began in Rochester at Smitty’s.…

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Soaked, Slathered, and Seasoned

Beyond cookbooks, I love travel books. The new generation of travel books are more like encyclopedias. They provide A-Z details for your destination. One small book will cover history, geography, airports, how to mail a letter, and where to hike on a rainy day. It’s wonderful to have the total package with all the information…

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