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Yes, We Have No Bananas [And Other Foods You Might Need To Avoid]

  “Avocados?” I was incredulous. “Oh, yes. And, of course, bananas.” I knew about the bananas. When I just to jog [before my knees interfered], I would come back after 10 or more miles and devour banana nectar. Loved the stuff. That potassium hit was supreme restoration. The sugar was not bad, too. Now, I…

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Bananas Foster: Your Culinary Emergency Kit

I think everyone has heard about Bananas Foster, but I would wager that not many of you have had it. It may appear too showy, or something only a restaurant could do — probably only a restaurant in New Orleans. Too boozy perhaps, and there is the fire thing involved. No one wants to burn…

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Bananas with Dolce de Leche and Nuts

Here’s a problem for you as host or hostess: you are giving a party where an uncertain number of people will arrive and eat at different times — and they all want an exciting dessert. Brian and I love Super Bowl parties where we can root and boo with our friends. But we want to…

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